Our Vision Vessel

Our mission statement: 'Working together so all may flourish."
The whole school community worked together to create our vision vessel - a visual representation of what we want to achieve both as a school and as individuals.
Throughout our journey, we trust in God for he has told us:
''Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1 v9
This Bible teaching guides us in all that we do.
Our core Christian values: truthfulness, courage, friendship, forgiveness, perseverance, wisdom
                                                                     Our Vision Vessel

Our vision vessel is a rocket as we aim for everyone in our school community to fly high without any limitation. Our learning, like space, has infinite possibilities which allow us to travel far, experiencing, exploring and evaluating new destinations.

God fills all space and so constantly provides us with opportunities to move forwards within a loving presence. Our Christian Values are our fuel, empowering us to travel upwards and onwards. The vicar is our Science Officer, who has expert knowledge of space; we can turn to her for advice and guidance.

Miss Elson is our captain who ensures that every part of our rocket is co-ordinated, maintained in good working order and sustained. The children are at the helm and choose our goals whilst the staff are navigators, selecting the best possible course for us to be able to arrive safely at each new destination.

The engineering team, our admin officer, caretaker and MDSAs ensure that everything on the rocket functions smoothly to allow uninterrupted progress on our journey.

The three fins on our rocket are the community of Heytesbury, the Church and our British Values. They are an integral part of our craft and provide us with balance and stability, enabling us to maintain our flight path.

At ground control is the Acorn Education Trust along with our Executive Headteacher and Academy Council. We are constantly in touch with them as they support, encourage and challenge us on our mission.

Parents and families populate a space station where we can always dock for maintenance, sustenance and support or, to report on and celebrate our latest discoveries.

Stars and planets abound for exploration and adventure whilst along the way we may encounter obstacles: asteroids, black holes or space debris. Together, we have the expertise, resilience and determination to overcome these. In this way, our mission statement will be achieved: "Working together so all may flourish."