Foxes: Work for children at home

Task: Write a letter to the King of England, Charles II about the impact of The Great Fire of London. 
Purpose: You are trying to persuade the king to rebuild London out of bricks and stone so that the houses don't get burned down again. You must convince the King that it's vital the houses are not rebuilt from wood. You also want the King to feel sorry for you so he is more likely to support and help you. 
Task: You have £2 to spend. You must decide what you want to have from Mr Foyle's Toyshop and calculate how much it is going to cost you. If you have any change, you must also work that out. 
Task: Think of the worst book you've ever read and answer the following questions:
Who was the character in that book?
Why did you not like the book?
Would you attempt to read a book like that again or not?