O2 Amazing Singing Experience

Children in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 at Heytesbury Primary School travelled to the O2 in London on Tuesday, 5th February, to participate in the Young Voices Choir 2019.  This event combines the voices of between 5000 – 8000 children to create one choir who sing in a variety of musical styles so that the children enjoy, and gain a fuller understanding of music and what it means to sing together. Evie, age 9, said, “‘I enjoyed the ‘pop medley’ best of all because we danced along to it’.

The children had rehearsed for the event back in school for several months, as they had many songs to learn, as well as some dances. On the night, they were delighted to perform their moves alongside the dance group ‘Urban Stride’. There were other well-known artists performing which thrilled children, staff and parents alike.  Amund, age 9 said, ‘There were loads of famous people there – we danced with ‘Urban Stride’ and sang with Beau Dermott from  ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and sang with Tony Hadley from Spandeau Ballet. I’ll always remember going to the O2.’  Myah 8, added, ‘It was the best musical experience I’ve ever had.’ 

This was the first time Heytesbury had taken part in ‘Young Voices’ but it will definitely not be the last as the children gained so much from the experience.  Mrs Pettinger, parent of Talia, said, ‘From a parent’s point of view I have to say how extremely proud I am of each and every pupil at Heytesbury for their impeccable performance on what must have been a very exhausting day. Watching the performance was truly spectacular and moving.  Thank you for not only being superb teachers but for helping our children makes the best memories ever.’