Our Vision Vessel

As a school we have created a Vision Vessel to represent our school's learning journey. For our Vision Vessel, we have chosen a rocket to represent our school. Our school isn’t actually a rocket – we’re not actually going to take off, but we do want to push ourselves to keep getting better in everything that we do. A rocket travels upwards through space  - and as space is infinite, there is no end to where it can go, like our learning.

In the same way that space surrounds our rocket, we know that God is always all around us, and always loves us. This is why the space around our rocket represents God.

Every rocket needs fuel so that it has the power. In the same way Our School Christian Values give us fuel for our learning. Perseverance and Courage help us keep going when things are difficult; We all need to show Respect and support to others on our journey. Truthfulness helps us both in our relationships with others and ourselves. Forgiveness is needed if things have gone wrong and we all need Wisdom in every part of our lives to help us make good choices.

Every rocket has to fly on a steady path. It needs fins to balance it. The people of Heytesbury, Open the Book and our British Values keep us steady on our way.

A space ship is going to discover new places and probably have some problems along the way, so an expert – a Science officer - is needed to help to solve these problems by giving advice. If we have any questions about God or worries we’d like to talk or pray about, the vicar is here to help. The Science officer aboard our vessel represents the Vicar.

Every ship needs a captain who is in charge and who makes important decisions, in the same way that Miss Elson, our head teacher, does. Additionally, a captain needs officers and a crew that can relied on to help. So, the teachers and TAs are officers and all the children in our school – including Hedgehogs are the crew. Everything and everyone on our rocket is helping us to get to where we need and want to be.

The engineering team on a ship keeps everything running smoothly, which is why the engineering team on our rocket represents Mrs Bligden, Mrs Purdue, Mrs Park and Miss Gill.

Ground control is where experts work to keep an eye on what is going on in space. They can monitor what is happening and give advice if there is a problem, in order to fix it. For this reason, ground control represents the Acorn Education Trust and our Academy Council. They all keep an eye on what we are doing to make sure that we’re always doing our best.

A space station is a place where rockets can dock in order to for the astronauts to reload with provisions or rest. Our families are always there for us. They look after us before and after school, making sure we have everything we need and they enjoy hearing about our successes.

There is so much for us all to discover and learn – just as there are lots of planets and stars. There will also be some obstacles on our ‘voyage’ – there are black holes, space debris and asteroids out there. In school we won’t always find things easy but we’ll learn  to manage our problems – together, we are an amazing team when we all work together.