Heytesbury Primary School received an excellent OFSTED Report in May 2012, which declared that Heytesbury Primary “is a good school with a number of outstanding features.”

The OFSTED Inspection was carried out with two days’ notice, and the inspection team observed teaching and learning throughout the school in nine lessons taught by four teachers. Meetings were held with the pupils, school staff, the headteacher, the Chair of the Governing Body and a number of parents and carers. The inspection team also scrutinised questionnaires completed by 32 parents and carers, 11 staff and 30 pupils.

We are extremely proud of the results of this OFSTED Report, and the full report is available to view by clicking the link below.

However, we would like to draw out some of the highlights so that prospective parents considering Heytesbury Primary School for their children can get a real sense of our achievements, community and ethos.

In addition to the OFSTED report full performance details and key statistics on Heytesbury Primary School are available here from the Department For Education Website

“There has been an improving trend in pupils’ achievement in reading, writing and mathematics over time. This is because the effective management of performance and strong leadership has improved the quality of teaching, which is good overall and outstanding in the middle years.”

“All the parents and carers who submitted questionnaires were very supportive of the school. They say that their children are well looked after and have their needs met. The inspector agrees with these positive views.”

“The behaviour and safety of pupils is outstanding. This is because the school operates as a highly effective community which nurtures pupils’ confidence and well-being. Pupils consistently display enthusiasm towards their learning and very high standards of care towards each other.”

“Very effective systems are in place to support the few pupils with learning or behaviour difficulties. There are good opportunities for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.”

“In reading, progress is excellent because phonics is very well taught and pupils are actively encouraged to be enthusiastic readers.”

“…convincing evidence that pupils’ behaviour and safety is consistently outstanding, both in lessons and around the school. Outstanding behaviour is expected by all and is reflected in the strong Christian ethos of the school. Key strengths are the way in which older pupils support younger ones and the strong focus that the school places on developing pupils’ self-confidence and positive attitudes to learning.”

“…pupils display an enthusiasm for learning and their behaviour is exemplary as a result.”

“…all staff demonstrate an uncompromising drive to build on the school’s existing strengths.”

If you are looking for a caring community and a family-spirited primary school near Warminster and want further information or to arrange a visit then please contact our Administration Officer, who will be happy to assist you.