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Vision and values

Join us at Heytesbury, where our vision and values build a nurturing and inclusive environment for all. They create the foundation for a thriving and compassionate community.

At Heytesbury C of E Primary School, we are a community, united in our commitment to grow together. We take great pride in nurturing not only the academic growth of our pupils but also their personal development guided by our core Christian values.

Courage     Respect     Compassion    Gratitude     Responsibility     Resilience

Through the teachings of the parable of the mustard seed and our core Christian values, we aim to prepare our pupils not only for academic success but also to become compassionate, responsible, and resilient individuals who make a positive difference in the world.

These values, form the foundation of our school community, fostering a warm and inclusive environment where each child can flourish.


Bravery and determination shown when facing challenges, trying new things, and expressing their thoughts, fostering personal growth and self-confidence.

In the parable, Jesus likened the tiny mustard seed to the Kingdom of God. Just as the mustard seed grew into a mighty tree, we encourage our pupils to embrace courage in their daily lives through facing challenges with bravery. Our children learn to trust in their abilities and contribute positively to our school community.


Treating others and the environment with kindness and consideration, recognising the uniqueness and contributions of each individual within our inclusive community.

The parable reminds us of the importance of respecting the growth process. Similarly, we instil in our pupils a deep respect for themselves, each other, and the world around them. By recognising the unique qualities and contributions of every individual, we create an atmosphere where kindness and understanding flourish.


Heartfelt understanding and empathy shown towards others, fostering a caring and supportive environment where kindness is extended to all members of the  community.

The mustard seed, though small, provides shelter for birds. In the same way, we teach our children the value of compassion and empathy. Through acts of kindness and understanding, our pupils learn to be compassionate individuals, nurturing a sense of service and responsibility towards others.


Appreciating and acknowledging the positive aspects of one's life, fostering a sense of thankfulness and cultivating a positive and appreciative outlook.

Gratitude is at the heart of our school community. The parable encourages us to appreciate the growth from a tiny seed to a large tree. Similarly, we teach our children the importance of gratitude for their own growth and achievements, as well as the contributions of others. A thankful heart fosters a positive and appreciative outlook on life.


Taking ownership of one's actions and choices, promoting a sense of accountability and contributing positively to the well-being of the community.

Just as the mustard seed grows into a tree that bears fruit, our pupils learn about responsibility. Through their actions and choices, they understand the impact they can have on themselves and those around them. Taking responsibility for their words and deeds, our children contribute to a harmonious and supportive school environment.


Ability to bounce back from challenges and setbacks, developing a positive attitude, and the determination to overcome difficulties, fostering a mindset of strength and adaptability.

The journey from a seed to a flourishing tree requires resilience. Our children learn to face setbacks and challenges with determination, knowing that growth often comes from overcoming difficulties. The parable of the mustard seed serves as a reminder that even the smallest seed can become a symbol of strength and endurance.