Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum aims to broaden the children’s outlook and be representative of the diverse society we live in.

As we are based in a small, rural village we want to ensure that our children are able to celebrate their own individuality, are aware of other cultures and communities and are inclusive to everyone.

Our team builds strong relationships with each of our children; learning about them and ensuring they are happy, settled and engaged within our setting. This understanding helps our team check children’s understanding of the curriculum and support families facing changes or challenges in their lives.

During their time at Hedgehogs, children are encouraged to participate in a variety of daily activities, which are adapted where necessary, to meet their individual needs. Grouping our children ensures that their learning is challenging and encourages them to experience and develop a wide and rich vocabulary.

We give every child the opportunity to become independent and confident learners. We aim to ensure that they are educationally and emotionally ready to embrace the next chapter of their lives into reception.